'Aires de La Habana' with prize for our students

The challenge was difficult, but the students were prepared to take on him. It was a matter of reflecting on a tapa what we experience on the palate when watching the Cuban film 'Aires de La Habana'. And all this, with the pressure to participate in the XIII International Social Film Festival of Castilla-La Mancha.

With the help of the professors, the students of the Higher School of Gastronomy and Hostelry of Toledo, Guillerno Oliva and Guillermo Mayoral, in the second year of the Higher Degree in Cooking Management, prepared a cover reflecting Cuban traditions and products. Banana, yucca, Cuban stew with cola on ... and other references such as a Cuban cocktail from Habana Club and another from the Capitolio de La Habana.

And so, with that good work, they delighted the jury and the audience and achieved that award that distinguishes them: the best cover of the Festival.

It was the first time that the Festival of Social Cinema of Castilla-La Mancha introduced this section in their awards. A nod to the Gastronomic Capital. And an added value to the School of Gastronomy and Hostelry of Toledo that every year prepares its students to face the beautiful world of the kitchen and the room.

Our students are from the cinema and that is how they have demonstrated it.


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