D. Manuel Conde Perezagua

D. Manuel Conde Perezagua

As director of the Higher School of Gastronomy and Hostelry of Toledo I want to welcome everyone to our website. This is, without a doubt, the window to which all students are going to peer before even entering into physical contact with our facilities./p>

For that reason, we would like that in it you could find a more work tool, a guide for the prelude to your training and a traveling companion during the period of time in which you accompany us.

In it you will find an X-ray of our School. Through this web we will bring you closer to each and every one of the events that will be part of your life while you stay with us, to the staff that is part of it, to the services and the study plans. The website is, in short, an information office that students must know to consult to guide, document and inform themselves in a timely manner. And, as part of it, we will always be open to any suggestion that serves to expand and improve it.

Tell them that the Higher School of Gastronomy and Hostelry was inaugurated on May 19, 1999.

It is a private center with public official certification that has become a center of regional, national and international reference, thanks to teaching processes based on quality and excellence criteria, which seek to cover with professionals endorsed by a prestigious training the urgent demand of the sector.

In our facilities we are proud to have trained great professionals in the hotel and restaurant industry that today occupy an important space in the sector.

Head of studies

D. Ricardo Rubio Gómez

D. Ricardo Rubio Gómez

From the Headquarters of Studies I want to welcome you to our Higher School of Gastronomy and Hostelry of Toledo. Whether you are already an alumn or if you are thinking of becoming one in the future, I want to tell you that here you will find a great human team among our teachers.

By choosing our Higher School you have started a journey in which you will learn what is coexistence, companionship, teamwork, discipline, order, effort ... along with your Hostelry and Gastronomy studies.

Your academic training will always be linked to your personal training, since from our Higher School we want to transfer to society not only the best professionals, but also excellent people.

Along with your regulated studies, the faculty will invite you to participate in other events related to gastronomy and hostelry, as well as in the development of your training as a person. It will take you by the hand so that you achieve the goals you have set for yourself, helping you in your formation.

That our Higher School, by the way, the only one of these characteristics in the region, enjoys great prestige has not been achieved overnight. From our classrooms and kitchens have gone great chefs like Iván Muñoz, a Michelin star, among others.

We hope that the path you have started will conclude in a promising future, as one of your main life projects becomes reality: your training. The human team that forms the faculty of this Higher School will ensure that you get it.

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