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Our building surface is of 7.820 m2 within our 15.000 m2 plot and has a capacity for 600 students, the ESGT is one of the largest and most modem hostelry schools in Europe.

Hall de la Escuela Superior de Hostelería de Toledo
Lobby access to the center
The center has:
  • 21 Classrooms for theory instruction and professional formation ( most of them are equipped with specific materials)
  • 8 Kitchens (2 for theory instruction, 4 for initiation and 2 for combining students from other classrooms)
  • 2 Restaurants.
Cocinas de formación de la Escuela Superior de Hostelería de Toledo
Training kitchen
Bottom Floor contains:
  • A reception dock for the delivering of goods.
  • Control and weighing.
  • A preprocessing room for meats, fish, vegetables and cured meats.
  • A room for dry food packing.
  • A room for oenology.
  • A microbiology and bromatology laboratory.

Within these general installations stand out the auditorium that fits 17 5 people, a lunch room for 220 students and the large parking lot for 200 vehicles.

Salón de actos de la Escuela Superior de Hostelería de Toledo
Spacious meeting room

The Superior School of Gastronomy and Hostelry of Toledo is constantly growing. Our highlight short term developing project is a student residence with 2 more building following to accommodate a total of 180 students.

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