Título Profesional Básico en Cocina y Restauración
FP Basic Vocational Cooking and Restaurant Education

Under the Royal Decree 127/2014, of February 28, which regulates specific aspects of Basic Vocational Training of vocational training education system, which establishes the curriculum of the Basic Professional Degree in Cooking and Restoration and based on Decree 63/2014, which establishes the curriculum of the Basic Vocational Training cycle, corresponding to the Basic Professional Degree in Cooking and Restoration, in the Autonomous Community of Castilla-La Mancha, the modules that will be taught from this moment, they will be the following:

Modules Total hours Weekly Hours 1st Course Weekly Hours 2nd Course
Customer Support 65 2 -
Elementary pre-processing technique 190 6 -
Basic culinary production processes 190 6 -
Procurement and conservation of raw materials and hygiene in handling 130 4 -
Applied sciences I 160 5 -
Communication and society I 160 5 -
Tutorial 65 2 -
Elementary service techniques 160 - 6
Basic processes of food and beverage preparation 130 - 5
Preparation and assembly of materials for collectivities and catering 110 - 4
Applied Sciences II 160 - 6
Communication and society II 165 - 6
Business and Entrepreneurship 66 - 3
Tutorial 25 - 1
Initiation to the entrepreneurial and business activity 50 - 2
Formation in work centers 240 - -
Total 2000 30 30
Access requirements:

Students must meet these three requirements:

  1. Be 15 years of age or older during the calendar year in progress, and not exceed 17 years of age at the time of access or during the calendar year in progress.
  2. Have completed the first cycle (1st and 2nd year) of Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) or, exceptionally, have started the 2nd year of ESO.
  3. Have been proposed by the teaching team to parents, mothers or legal guardians for the incorporation to a cycle of Basic Vocational Training.

Exceptionally, all those over 17 years of age who are not in possession of a Vocational Training qualification or any other degree that certifies the completion of complete secondary studies, with the aim of favoring their employability, can access these studies.

Effects of this degree:
Students must meet these three requirements:
  • Students who pass a cycle of Basic Vocational Training will obtain the Basic Professional Degree corresponding to the courses taken, with academic and professional value and valid throughout the national territory.
  • The Basic Professional degree will allow access to the intermediate level training cycles.
  • The Basic Professional Degree will have the same labor effects as the Graduate Certificate in Compulsory Secondary Education for access to public and private employment.
  • People who are in possession of a Basic Professional Degree may obtain the title of Graduate in Compulsory Secondary Education, by passing the final evaluation test of Compulsory Secondary Education.
  • In addition, this degree will have preference for admission to all Middle Grade degrees of the professional families of Hostelry and Tourism.