Members of the Cofradía del Ciento
Members of the Cofradía del Ciento

The Cofradía del Ciento is a Civil Association whose purpose is to promote the excellence of Spanish gastronomy, as well as its defense and national and international promotion. It is covered by the provisions of Law 191/1964 of December 24 and complementary regulations of Decree 1440/65 of May 20 and is not for profit.

The Cofradía del Ciento was created on January 26, 1995 in the course of a Constituent Assembly, held at the Portonovo Restaurant in Madrid, in which the first fifty-seven associates joined.

The Cofradía del Ciento aims to:
  • Promote the excellence of quality and national and international promotion of Spanish cuisine.
  • Promote the training of all people involved in restoration as a means to improve the quality of this.
  • Promote the creation of Restoration Training Centers and Schools, assuming, where appropriate, the regency and exploitation of the same without profit.
  • Convene gastronomic contests and contests.

These purposes are implemented through an operational structure that has its headquarters in the School of Gastronomy and Hostelry of Toledo, located in the street of Rio Cabriel No. 1 - 45007 in Toledo.

The Cofradía del Ciento is made up of entrepreneurs who have excelled in the service of the sector, in the development of their business or professional activity.

Among its current functions is the management of the Higher School of Gastronomy and Hospitality (opened on May 19, 1999) for the training of future professionals and entrepreneurs in the sector.

Its members have a voice and vote in all the meetings they attend and can never exceed 100, given the selective nature that applies to members who request their participation in the Cofradía del Ciento.

They are also honorary members of the Cofradía del Ciento, the characters that have contributed notoriously to the prestige of the restoration and the Spanish gastronomy by different merits.

They also participate as Collaborating Partners of the Cofradía del Ciento, individuals and legal entities that have shown affinity with the objectives pursued by the association and wish to collaborate effectively in its activities.

Its usual activities programs include international gastronomic samples, professional contests and hotel events.

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